Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Being organised

Writing things down makes me feel like I’ve at least made a start to whatever the task may be… But…writing down is often not enough and I NEED (and like) to be reminded of what is looming! I live and die by my Outlook diary and e-mail, but there are loads of other programs that do the trick – and also synchronise with our computers / laptops. Furthermore, many of us have smart phones that synchronise. There are heaps of tools for Android and Apple that can help us organise our busy lives. Remember though that when not connected to wireless, there will be 3g charges!

The beginning of a busy year is perhaps the right time to start afresh. Get organised by adding reminders for deadlines.

 I like the following tools.

 Outlook's calendar and mail is superb and Bishops boys and staff can collect their mail and calendar from anywhere in the world. Phone firendly too!
 Google calendars and mail are also great!
 This is a free and fun organizational tool.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Learning Afrikaans is fun!

What an amazing site this is for Afrikaans teachers. Burgert has developed these resources to share with other teachers and learners.